Жезлы Гора

1.1. The present conditions regulate mutual relations of the Online Store wands.store, the Seller and the Buyer.

1.2. The address of acting edition of the Agreement on the network is - http://wands.store/publicagreement1.3. Making purchase in our Online Store the client agrees with conditions described below.

1.4. The present Agreement has a priority before other documents.

Privacy policy

2.1. The information granted by the Buyer is confidential. We do not acquire any more information about consumers than is required by law or is otherwise necessary to provide a high level of service efficiently and securely and in the cases indicated in the present Agreement.


3.1. "Online store" – is the website of the Seller located at wands.store intended for the conclusion of contracts of purchase and sale on the basis of acquaintance of the Buyer with the offered by Seller goods.

3.2. The "Goods" - production offered for sale in the Online store.

3.3. The "Buyer" is the citizen that made an order in the Online store on the basis of Terms and conditions.

3.4. The "Seller" is "Uvarova R." that manufactures the goods ordered by the Buyer and provides their delivery to the buyer's location on the basis of Contract of Purchase and Sale.

Order of making Contract of Purchase and Sale

4.1. The payment of the order, terms of the order processing, delivery time and other essential conditions are indicated in the Contract of Purchase and Sale.

4.2. Making order in Online store the client agrees with the Terms and Conditions and becomes the Buyer.

4.3. After payment of the order the Buyer and the Seller take over the liabilities and get the rights stated in the Contract of purchase and sale.


The Buyer and the Seller have concluded the present agreement as follows:

Obligations of the Seller

4.1. The Seller undertakes to transfer to the possession of the Buyer ordered goods on the terms of the present agreement.

4.2. The Seller issues an invoice to the buyer at the address indicated in the order.

4.3. The Seller gives to the Buyer the tracking shipment number of the parcel with paid goods, that can be controlled on International Tracking System.

Obligations of the Buyer

5.1. The Buyer is responsible for the information provided while placing the order.

5.2. The Buyer undertakes to pay and accept the goods on the terms of the present agreement.

Cost of retail purchases

6.1. The overall cost of retail purchases consists of goods cost, the delivery cost indicated in the Online store and the fee of payment system, chosen by the Buyer during placing the order.

Cost of wholesale purchases

7.1. Wholesale purchase is considered to be orders consisting of not less than 5 sets of "Wands of Horus".

7.2. The overall cost for wholesale purchases consists of goods cost indicated in the Online store, the delivery cost calculated individually for the wholesale order, a discount (agreed in advance with the seller ) and the fee of payment system, chosen by the Buyer during placing the order.

Refund Policy

8.1. All sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product sold is received damaged.

8.2. Goods found to be damaged during the shipment will be immediately remade and sent to the buyer again. (Please notify us within 3 days of receipt and we will resolve all questions).

The goods status

9.1. All varieties of the goods – the "Wands of Horus", the accessories and "Wands of Horus" Home pyramids are made-to-order by the Seller and are considered handmade products.

9.2. All varieties of the "Wands of Horus", the accessories and "Wands of Horus" Home pyramids undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in 13-meter concrete pyramid before they are delivered to the Buyer.

9.3. The goods which are damaged are meant the goods of inadequate quality and cannot ensure performance of the functional qualities. Difference of elements of design in the description in the Online store is not malfunction of the goods.

9.4. Product design may differ slightly from the photos presented on the site. But this does not apply to the functionality of products, and refers exclusively to the seller's artistic choice, modifications and artistic solutions.

Damaged goods return

10.1. The Buyer is obliged to return the damaged goods to the Seller.

10.2. The Seller returns to the Buyer cost of the shipping within a month from the date of presentation the tracking shipment number of the parcel, that can be controlled on International Tracking System.

Standard terms of order fulfillment

11.1. Usually the delivery of one parcel no more than 2 kg (2 sets of "Wands of Horus") takes 2 - 4 weeks worldwide.

11.2. In case the ordered goods are already manufactured and processed in the pyramid the Seller sends the parcel to the Buyer within 1 week.

Non-standard terms of the order fulfillment

12.1. Under the additional agreement of the Seller and the Buyer. Basically it concerns wholesale purchases.

12.2. The additional agreement is displayed in the invoice.

Order delivery

13.1. The aggregate term of delivery of the goods from the warehouse consists of:

- term of processing of the order and the time of shipping the goods by "Russian post" and local post services of the Buyer.

- term of processing of the goods in the pyramid that does not exceed 12 days.

The date of sending the goods made-to-order does not exceed two months from the date of purchase. The responsibility for the delivery time by the shipping company lies with the EMS office and your local post service.

13.2. Delivery of orders is carried out on a mailing address of the Buyer, indicated by the Buyer at the moment of the order registration.

Payment methods
14.1. The methods of payment for goods are selected by the buyer while making an order