Wands of Horus Bja


Hi Valery:

was just wondering if there is much information about on the Bja wands?

experiences, exercises or practices... If you have any could you please send me as much as possible.

i have had a few new experiences with them, when i am meditating i get a warm tingling feeling in my hands and chest whenever someone comes within about 10 to 20 metres of where i am. also i have been having very vivid scary type dreams, but they don't scare me or wake me up, and i usually wake up before a dream like these finish or change. another thing is my whole body feels hot and tingly and suspended, i feel like i am in a different space.

any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated,

kind regards,


Hi Benjamin

On this type of wands, no in-depth information is available in the internet nor can this be found in any book. From what is presented on our website it shows that the Wands of Horus BJA are a very special instrument facilitating extraordinary effects. That is why in ancient times they were only used by priest (hierophants) and pharaohs for self-perfection as well as the development of psychic abilities. Wands of Horus BJA actively stimulate the individual's extraordinary abilities as well as the development of super sensitivity. For this reason, it is not possible to give a general, universally applicable advice for the Wands of Horus BJA!

This can only be done individually based on the experiences of the given person. In this way all steps can be configured properly for a better and deeper understanding and tangible results.

experiences, exercises or practices. If you have any could you please send me as much as possible.

The most important aspect that should always be kept in mind is the necessity to get into a state of relaxation! We have received feedback from several customers using Wands of Horus BJA with interesting extraordinary results. In each of these cases these experiences and effects began manifesting after 10-12 days of being fully devoted to working with the wands in an environment close to natural sources of energy like trees, mountains or the sea.

After a 12-day-period of relaxation and refreshment with proper sleep (listening to the demands of the organism, immediately following up on this, even during daytime) people started to see the aura of objects and energy beings etc... The experiences and visions vary but of key importance for such results is a state of relaxation, the place where one is at as well as the time taken for this.

Deep relaxation helps the organism to better utilize the energy flow it's energy system is receiving! This is key – to experience tangible positive changes and results the nervous system as well as the energy system have to be in a relaxed state. The organism needs to be given the chance to relax. Daily work with the wands will help to synchronize the vibrations of the organism's aura with the energy rhythms of the Earth's aura, allowing the relaxation to become very deep. Utilizing the BJA wands for as long as possible during the day and giving your organism the chance to relax will bring you into an energy flow which allows for an experience you most likely never experienced before – you will know what true happiness is and this is only the beginning!

To be able to give advice on which steps to take it is necessary to find out how your organism is reacting. This will enable us to explain what exactly is taking place, what to do or what experience to expect next.

i have had a few new experiences with BJA, when i am meditating i get a warm tingling feeling in my hands and chest whenever someone comes within about 10 to 20 metres of where i am.

The sensation you describe is closely related to the activity of the vortex of your spine energy. Your energy level is increasing (getting more active) which is what you are sensing as increasing warmth!

This has to do with the general activation of your energy system. This is a normal and wanted process, exactly as it is meant to happen...

What you will experience next is a strong surge in sexual activity. Be aware that this increase can be unexpectedly strong

Regular use of the Wands of Horus BJA shows an increase in sensory and psychic sensitivity from 14 up to 25% of the potential of the specific user!

This explains why you are sensing someone entering or interacting with your energy field from 10 to 20 meters away. It shows that your aura has become 20 meters wide! This is what many healers would be happy to have and use for mind reading, diagnostics and healing. Congratulations, you are developing what once was the property of Egyptian priests!

What you are sensing is an increase of your abilities, such that once made up the power of the ancient hierophants and you are on the verge of understanding what true development means, not just mere fantasies...

If you continue on this path of development you have the ability to become one of the best healers (sensitives) or even more. It all depends on what you intend to do with your achievements and in what direction you would like to go!

also i have been having very vivid scary type dreams, but they don't scare me or wake me up, and i usually wake up before a dream like these finish or change.

It depends on what your dreams are about

Here for example is an interesting case. A mother bought Wands of Horus Q3 for her daughter, who as a student could do with something to help increase her energy potential. One day the mother called, telling me her daughter had been having a very bad and scary dream for days in a row. The same dream, with collapsing skyscrapers and many casualties.

Only a few days later, on the 11.09.2001 she called me again urging me to switch on the TV, "look what is going on in America!, this is what my daughter saw in her dream, exactly these pictures"...

This dream she was having, was a kind of prediction, warning of imminent danger. She had seen the future, that which was going to take place within a few days or about a week later.

It is also very possible that the scary type dreams you are experiencing are related to what is mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts as Seth factor.

Read this material, it describes in more detail what I am referring to.

another thing is my whole body feels hot and tingly and suspended, i feel like i am in a different space.

This is the first stage and indication that you are reaching the higher realms and thereupon possibly also their beings....

This is exactly what the priests and pharaohs were endeavouring and achieving, to communicate with the gods and the higher self!!!

Here in Russia I am working with people who have similar experiences, they are located a bit closer to me and I am assisting them in determining what further steps to take…

Be in touch and never hesitate to ask further questions.

You are close to interesting discoveries.

Valery Uvarov

Hi Valery

My friend Priscilla called me from the airport asking if X-ray security check can cause damage to the wands, or are they 'incorruptible'? She worries a bit.

She loves her set of wands and I'd love to find out more about the Wands of Horus too, could you tell a bit about them?

many thanks



Do not worry Caroline, in general the "Wands of Horus" are 'incorruptible', the only thing that could cause damage and should be avoided is heating them up over 100°C! (e.g. leaving them in the car under the windshield in direct sun)

Originally, thousands of years ago, the "Wands of Horus" were used as a means of protection against a certain negative energetic influence that was directed towards those who once lived on Mars and Maldek (Nibiru and Tiamat). Later in time, this technology was prompted and handed to the priests living on Earth.

Apart from a purely planetary generated (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ article-2138944/How-Ancient-Egyptians-understood-binary-stars-3-200-years-ago--calculations-helped-solve-modern-dilemma.html ) there was a further, artificial, negative energy influence, aimed to suppress the priests' potential and ability to mentally and telepathically communicate with those living on other planets, who were connected by a joint interplanetary mission.

This concerned a very special type of inhibitory influence and in order to protect their psychic structure from it, special instruments were needed as well as a special type of 3 and 5-sided pyramids. Remnants of such pyramids can be found on Earth as well as on Mars (Eden).

3-sided pyramids, part of the Archangel Michael church built by M.F. Kamensky near Saburovo village, Orel, Russia

Those priests were highly developed beings whose life and activities were devoted to the stimulation of the evolution of consciousness of many civilizations on our planet as well as in our galaxy.

Upon detecting this negative interplanetary and interdimensional energy influence, these priests started preparing some of their members for special missions to be fulfilled in future times (parallel realities). That group consisted of very knowledgeable beings (a special caste), among them many women, who all were prepared to recall (reawaken) and fulfill their mission in future times and in parallel realities.

In those former times the instruments we today call "Wands of Horus" were used as tool to connect to the internal interface of subconsciousness in order to produce energy records on 8 energy-levels (energy bodies) within their human energy structure (see section THE MEANS OF PERCEIVING INFORMATION in the Wands of Horus book by Valery Uvarov).

The "Wands of Horus" in our days are a kind of stimulating and evoking instrument, helping to remember and unveil the information recorded thousands of years ago in the subconsciousness of those, who were sent into our time to recall and further the ancient knowledge and tasks. The "Wands of Horus" are a kind of key to unlock and activate this Sacred mission!

From this, it also becomes clear that the "Wands of Horus" are something very special to a certain group of very special people, to help bring back into consciousness the most important aspects of the ancient knowledge and much more!

The fact that the Wands of Horus are the commonest attribute found in statues of the pharaohs and priests of Ancient Egypt is a direct indication that they were an item of the greatest possible significance.

Hi Valery,

I've had the Wands of Horus Quartz Mono for over a year and have a few questions. My first experiences were profound and very powerful. Over time I have noticed that the wash of energy or power that I initially felt have diminished quite a bit. I recall that the wands were originally charged in your specially built pyramid. Is it possible that after a time the wands lose that charge?

This is very unlikely. There are only a very few instances in which the Wands may have been compromised. For example, when left in the car exposed to the sun heating them up over 100°C! Or by a long lasting and very powerful electromagnetic influence. I'm quite sure none of this has been the case.

The range and strength of sensations fluctuates, this is related to the energy cycles of the Earth as well as those of the individual. On certain days, due to cosmic influences, your energy system is insufficiently active resulting in very weak or even absent sensations even though having become used to sensing the effect of the wands.

Or...have my body systems changed so that the effect is lessened?

On one hand, when one's energy system is in a poor state, one will experience the most sensations while using the wands, because then the greatest change is taking place. As soon as the energy system is corrected, the sensations diminish, becoming less vivid, this is a normal process and good. It means that most of the energetic imbalances have been corrected.

The main reason for diminished sensations, however, relates to a wrong diet. As a rule, an absence of sensations indicates that the person's organism is "furred up" to a considerable extent.

In this case an appropriate diet as well as a special method for removing slags from the body with the help of the "Wands of Horus" will clean out the organism (its energy channels).

One of the best regimens (in which although the individual characteristics have to be taken into account) is to eat (a diet of fruit and vegetables) on four days of the week only, constantly feeling hungry, fasting on the other 3 days. Scientific research has shown that "Wands of Horus" have an effect on the person holding them, regardless of any sensations, their level of action as well as effectiveness, however, is directly related to the degree to which that person's organism is clogged up (furred up). It is for this reason that the ancient Egyptians, when preparing for initiation ("communication with the gods"), kept a ten-day fast and appropriate diets to keep the organism clean.

If the wands lose their power, can they be re-charged or do I need to get another set?

Wands do not lose their power. What is not recommended, though, is to hand your wands to someone with a serious illness like cancer. In this case they need to be re-exposed to a pyramid for another 12-day period. In general, re-exposing them once every two years is useful, but no critical necessity.

One final question - I have endeavored keep the wands polished using metal polishing compound. Is this not recommended and could this have a negative effect on the wands?

That is no problem, at the contrary, it helps to improve their effect, continue doing so.

Many thanks for your advice. It is most appreciated.
Charlie Balogh